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At some point in all of our lives, we will throw and event or a party. When that time comes we will want to make sure that the event is a great one. Whether it’s a birthday, Bris, sweet sixteen, graduation party, corporate event, Bar Mitzva, Bat Mitza or anything else it is always the desire for it to be a real blast. What usually happens when these events take place is that people realize they are missing things. This is exactly where party rental companies in Brooklyn and NYC can turn your dream into a reality. Did you know that you can rent tables, chairs, popcorn machines, cutlery, candy machines, buffet setting and almost anything else you can think of for a party. In fact even if you rent out of room for your party you can actually rent a tent and even have it heated or cooled. Don’t hesitate and call or visit our showroom today and visit our new official party rentals website now at: Party Buster NYC 1111 Rogers Ave Brooklyn, NY 11226 (718) 789-9200

Turn Empty Spaces Into Party Halls:

As you can see from everything we discussed above an event rental service can actually provide anything and everything anyone would ever need for any type of event or occasion. When we mean everything, we mean anything under the sun that anyone would ever imagine using at a party. We happen to know a company that meets these standards and can really supply you with anything and everything you will need for your next event. With that said, for the best in NYC party rentals call today. For It is truly incredible how these services can turn an empty lot into an all out party. It is important for everyone to know this information as you never know when you may need help with your next party. It’s critical for all to know that they can get married in NYC without spending a fortune on a hall by simply renting the supplies and finding a free empty location.

Specialty chair rentals, what are my options?

Today the rental industry has grown to include nearly every aspect of a party or event. This has come to benefit the business, but also the consumer, where in the past they had to buy their expensive equipment to only use one time, now they can rent it for a far cheaper price, and use it for the necessary time. Including in the rental options are specialty chairs in NYC. Almost any chair imaginable can be rented today, and deciding which kind of chair your need is a difficult decision.

Where is the event?

Establishing the purpose of the chair is the first step. If the chair will be used in an outdoors setting then a chair that can withstand sun or moisture is needed. There are options for the standard folding plastic or wood chair, to a more elaborate patio style chair. It is important to consider what weather might be encountered at the event. If it is outdoors but with a low chance for rain then chairs can be rented with cushions and pillows for extra support. If space is an issue or mobility is a factor, folding chairs are your answer.

If the event will be held indoors than an indoor collection should be considered. Many rental companies have chairs ranging from fine woods to metals and fabrics. In some events such as weddings, there are traditions to have the bride sitting in a luxurious throne style chair, that are common for rentals.


Some evening events such as parties require some comfortable options similar so a love seat or sofa, these are available through specialty rentals that supply to places like bars and nightclubs. Even outside of the party or event setting, chair rentals can be useful. Rental companies have options for businesses like salons and barbers that need a stool, barber chairs, or reclining seats for hair washing.

The theme of the event can play a major role in the chair selection. If you are having a Hawaiian theme party, then a plush sofa or metal chair might not be a good fit. An outdoor bamboo style or island theme chair could fit perfectly with the surroundings. A more professional business conference might need something more modern or corporate like an office chair.

The age of the guest is also a factor. If children will be attending then something child friendly should be investigated. As often children require a smaller chair, or even booster seats or high chairs for infants. Many children’s chairs come in different colors and shapes that can be a good match. Negotiating quantity and price should also be included in the rental process. It is not uncommon for discounts to be given to large rentals. And depending on the seasons and time, availability might fluctuate.


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