4 Ways To Spice Up Table Rentals & Wow Guests

As the big event approaches we often look for the last minute details we didn’t think of at first. The party rental tables, chairs, and tents are already taken care of. Linens and chairs were easy enough. Now it’s time to focus on the centerpieces and table displays for the WOW effect so all of the guests are impressed. At Party Busters we love helping parties come together without any stress. Here is a quick guide for some ideas to really dress up the tables at a party or event.

Color Coordination

Although a classy white tablecloth and matching napkin set is always nice, there are plenty of other colors we can work with. By contrasting or matching colors it is an excellent way to get certain details to really jump out. By choosing a lighter colored table cloth, with darker napkins and centerpieces (or vice versa) is a quick and easy way to add personality to the rental tables.

Seasonal decoration

Tying the table decor to the closest holiday or time of year is another easy way with half of the creativity being done for us. If Spring is approaching by using some lighter colored linens with pastels on the table can make the party very relevant. Flowers (real or fake) are a quick way to make the spring joy come directly to each and every table.

Simple lighting

A nice set of candles can reinvent any simple table into an extravagant talking point. If it’s windy or there is a fear of having real flames there are plenty of electric candles that are beautiful. Also adding some easy icicle style lights around the center of the table or dangling from the centerpiece is a quick way to WOW the guests. There are local New York rental directories for many of these decorations so the options are abundant.

Using Food

Another way to spice up the table which might not seem obvious, is to use the food! So many items on the party and event menu is an art. By having delicious Hors d’oeuvre or appetizers laid out at the start. Or when the desserts come out have them displayed with beautiful designs and shapes will be an excellent way without additional expenses of beautifying the environment.

Fun activities

A final way to really spice up the table and the party is to add some fun activities to each table. Disposable cameras, Jenga blocks, puzzles, or anything similar is a sure way to entertain adults and children. It’s a great icebreaker to get the guests talking and enjoying themselves while allowing the tables to serve other purposes besides just to eat.

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